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Joyful Olfactory Encounters
Affecting Mood Evoking Emotion
Altering Atmosphere

Steeped in tradition, our modern heirlooms elevate your space, affect your mood and alter your atmosphere.



The Process

Each piece is designed with functionality and aesthetic in mind. Taking inspiration from nature and eras passed, we aim to design timeless pieces that can be treasured in homes - bringing joy and comfort to modern rituals.

We research the best quality products every step of the way; with a focus on the natural and sustainable. We wouldn’t feel comfortable using materials that compromise this integrity, so from the wick to the packaging you can be assured your Jon Netti treasure has been made with both you and the Earth in mind.

We take time to thoughtfully ideate and test various forms, sizes and selected materials before we’re happy with a prototype. From here we test, test, test to make sure each product meets our standards and is a creation we’d love to have in our homes.

We make our final pieces, each by hand in our lovely studio, and pack them into our recyclable boxes so they can make their way to you.

We share our work and love with you at home, our intentions and beliefs having been instilled into all we do at Jon Netti.

A considered composition

Knowledge in nature

Made by thousands of bees, each Jon Netti ceramic filled, and freestanding candle is comprised of 100% natural, organic Australian beeswax blocks; some of the finest in the world. We do not add any natural or artificial scents to our candles — through rigorous research on the implications for health and the environment, we resolved to go with the safest and healthiest option which is to savour the beautiful natural honey aroma that beeswax possesses.

Our Beeswax

Our beeswax range is truly something to be savoured.

Made by thousands of bees, each Jon Netti beeswax candle is comprised of 100% natural, organic Australian beeswax blocks; some of the finest in the world.

Our beekeepers tend to the beeswax refining process with precision and the utmost care to ensure that the beeswax used in your candles delivers an indulgent experience.

A natural material, our precious beeswax is a renewable resource, has the safest fume rating of any candlelight and is free from hazardous ingredients such as paraffin and chlorine.

Perfect for those with allergies or aversions to strong scents, beeswax has negative ion properties, attaching to positive ions such as dust, pollen, mould and odour to process and clean the air.

Our ceramics

Mixed, applied, vitrified

Inspired by the delicacies of nature, our ceramics are created through the transformative process of hand casting.

Moved from a clay body, to a liquid, and reimagined as a new solid - the eb and flow process resonating with our ethos and connection to life.

Our ceramic range is made in small batches – with each piece being hand glazed and fired twice to vitrification - ensuring functionality.

Once your ceramic candle is depleted, carefully remove any remaining wax, hand wash, and reimagine your ceramic to give it a new purpose. Perfect for floral arrangements, housing freshly picked fruit, holding writing utensils, or sitting on a mantle as a sculptural piece.

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Set of 25 hand-dipped tapered birthday candles

140mm H x 5mm W

Out of stock


Set of 6 hand-dipped tapered dinner candles

290mm H x 22mm W

Sold Out


Solid freestanding sculptural candle

295mm H x 120mm W x 120mm D

sold out


Solid freestanding sculptural candle

230mm H x 135mm W

Sold Out


Solid freestanding sculptural candle

130mm H x 110mm W

made to order


Filled Ceramic Beeswax Candle

155mm H x 140mm W x 140mm D


made to order


Filled Ceramic Beeswax Candle

113mm H x 120mm W


made to order


Filled Ceramic Beeswax Candle

105mm H x 105mm W


Portare Tote

heavyweight calico tote

295mm h x 550mm w

Voucher ($100.00)

for a lover, loved one, friend 
or family member


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Joyful Olfactory Encounters
Affecting Mood Evoking Emotion
Altering Atmosphere

We acknowledge the Darkinyung people of the Darkinjung land as the Traditional Custodians of the country our studio operates on today. We recognise their continuing connection to the land and waters. We thank them for protecting this coastline and its ecosystems since time immemorial. We pay our respects to Elders past and present and extend that respect to all First Nations people.


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